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Alabama Civil Litigation

After hundreds of cases and hundreds of days in court, Stanley & Associates, LLC Litigation Department is prepared to handle your case in real property, contracts, wills and estates, or virtually any civil matter you have.

Alabama civil litigation can come up in practically any context. However, some situations are more likely to lead to civil litigation than others:

  • Land Ownership and Title

  • Foreclosures and landlord/tenant issues

  • Boundary disputes and civil trespass 

  • Conflicting claims in Contract

  • Repossession of personal property such as cars

  • Heirship issues

  • Fraudulent business dealings

  • Virtually all conflicts that are not criminal or domestic relations

Alabama's Unified Judicial System operates the state's courts in accordance with the Alabama Constitution. The judicial system is made up of Municipal and District Courts spread out throughout the state. There are also Circuit Courts, a Court of Appeals (Civil and Criminal), and the Alabama Supreme Court. The mission of the Unified Judicial System is to be "the most successful judiciary in the nation".

In Alabama, it's not uncommon for people to face the prospect of civil litigation very suddenly, and with little warning. And the legal and practical issues involved in civil litigation are usually very perplexing.

If you have any reason to believe that you might be involved in a civil lawsuit anytime soon, it's a very good idea to seek the advice of a competent Alabama civil litigation attorney. You want an attorney who has been in court several times a week for years.

50 Years of Accumulated Practice

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