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Remote and in-person Closings across Alabama

Stanley & Associates, LLC can handle all your title insurance and closings.

Title insurance should NEVER delay a closing.  In Alabama You have a say in who closes your sale because the closing professionals' role is vital to the real estate transaction. Select a title agent/closing attorney that you know will look out for your interests to ensure a fair, enforceable transaction and get peace of mind during what could be the biggest purchase of your life.   Look for Attention to detail, an emphasis on Communication, and Knowledgeable professionals:  The Stanley & Associates team.

Real Estate Closings

Your Closing Attorney

A closing attorney’s role is not only vital to Alabama real estate transactions but required in the state of Alabama. Investors trust Stanley & Associates, LLC for complicated closings and by selecting Stanley & Associates, LLC to act as your closing attorney, you will be working with a team that is organized, attentive to details and mindful of the importance of a smooth transaction.  Closings in Alabama must be completed by a licensed attorney and just filling out a deed is considered practicing law in Alabama, and for good reason.  There are many steps in closing tax lien assignments and deed properties.

Your Closing Coordinator

Your primary contact and person you will rely on for information. Your Closing Coordinator opens lines of communication between all parties involved in the real estate closing: Realtors, buyers, sellers, real estate brokers, 1031 Qualified Intermediaries, insurance company, county tax department, homeowner associations, attorneys, and surveyors.

Your Closing Coordinator may also coordinate title curative including coordinating with municipalities, UCC merchants, counties, existing attached judgment holders, and so on.

Your Closing Documents

Days before closing your disclosures are completed and then on the day of closing the closing attorney once again reviews the various instruments associated with the real estate and loan closing. If your Closing Coordinator doesn’t have an answer, the closing attorney is available to explain documents such as a deed, a note, a deed of trust, a settlement statement, disbursement at the end of the transaction and loan documentation required by the lender.

 50 Years of Accumulated Practice


Start your closing with Stanley & Associates today! Please fill out the contact information below, so we can contact you to begin your closing. 

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