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Fast, Efficient Evictions

Every day a delinquent tenant is in your property costs you money. Alabama evictions can take months, but we have gotten court orders for possession is a fast as 20 days from filing. We adjust for each specific situation and take advantage of the most effective and efficient techniques to get your property back in your possession, so you can get back to making money.

Eviction Process

Breach & Notice of Breach

Eviction is a remedy for a breach of the rental contract and like any contract in Alabama, the breaching party must be given notice. The landlord or her agent must provide the tenant notice of the breach. This written notice must meet Alabama legal requirements such including they have a right to cure the breach and a timeline of when that must happen.

While the notice may be presented personally or even posted on the door, proof that it was also mailed USPS First Class, (not certified) is required.

Estimated Cost:  $1300

Notice of Breach Service ~$25
Initial Complaint Filing Fee ~$256+ (more for multiple parties)
Summons Service ~$100
Writ of Possession Court Fee ~$25
Writ of Possession Service ~$25
Court Fees for motions ~$157.50
Default Judgment (Optional) ~$50

Plus legal fees.

  • Can a landlord evict you immediately in Alabama?
    Landlords must give a seven-day notice before filing eviction and must inform tenants they have a right to cure any breach. Eviction is a remedy for a breach of the rental contract, so like any contract in Alabama, the breaching party must be given notice.
  • How late does rent have to be to start an eviction?
    There is no mention of grace periods in Alabama eviction law. After 1 day, rent is late and landlords can charge reasonable late fees pursuant to the lease agreement. AL Code 35 Chapter 9.
  • How do I evict without a lease?
    A landlord can evict a tenant even if the lease was oral or if the paper is not available. The landlord will need to sign affidavits to attest to the fact of a lease and the breach. Your attorney will charge you to draft and execute these extra documents.
  • My kids need to go! How do I evict them?
    If the unwanted person paid rent or did other valuable services such as taking out the trash around your home in exchange for living there, you must follow Alabama’s eviction process outlined in Alabama’s URLTA. AL Code § 35-9A (2022)
  • Must I have a reason to evict my tennant?
    YES! You must have a reason such as the tenant breached their lease. In Alabama, a landlord cannot legally evict a tenant without cause. Legal grounds to evict include not paying rent on time, staying after the lease ends, violating lease terms, failing to keep the premises safe, unauthorized occupants or pets, property damage, disturbing the peace, refusing to allow the landlord access to the rental unit, and committing illegal activity. You can evict without a breach if the lease has run its course and you do not want to renew. In a residential lease, after the period of tenancy contracted for has been completed, the lease converts to a “hold-over monthly lease.” In that case you simply give a 30-day notice the lease is not being renewed. If the tenant fails to move at that time, you may begin the eviction process.
  • How long does a tennat have to file an answer?
    Alabama gives a tenant seven days to answer an eviction. In addition to receiving notice from a person, tenants should also get a copy in the mail. The 7 days will start upon receipt of the summons and complaint. However, judges are reluctant to remove a person from their home based on a default, so do not expect the court to immediately set a hearing at 7 days.
  • Can I just set the tennat's stuff outside or turn off their power?
    No. No. No.
  • What if my tennant breaches and cures and then breaches again?
    No breach of any of the terms or obligations of the lease may be cured by a tenant more than two times in any 12-month period except by the express written consent of the landlord. See

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