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Introducing our law firm

Stanley & Associates is a full-service real estate firm serving clients in closings, title insurance, civil litigation, and small business support. Based in Irondale, Alabama, Stanley & Associates has been fortunate to develop lasting relationships with our clients, giving them peace of mind about their legal concerns and long-term planning issues.  We also handle Owners' Association collections and other civil matters such as Wills and Contract review.



In Alabama, it's not uncommon for people to face the prospect of civil litigation very suddenly, and with little warning. And the legal and practical issues involved in civil litigation are usually very perplexing. If you have any reason to believe that you might be involved in a civil lawsuit anytime soon, it's a very good idea to seek the advice of a competent Alabama civil litigation attorney


Stanley & Associates, LLC’s closing business is largely with investors and wild titles, which has prepared us to do all types of closings and title insurance. The Closing Team’s role is vital to the real estate transaction. Selecting a closing attorney may prove particularly important, and it is advisable to seek a closing attorney that is organized, attentive to details and mindful of the importance of your transaction.


Foreclosure laws in Alabama are different from those in other states.
In Alabama, we have non-judicial foreclosures and judicial foreclosures. Stanley and Associates, LLC can advise you on your foreclosure, the new tax lien certificate, and provide foreclosure defense. Our consultation rate is $250 for up to 1 hour.


With the current economic crisis many Alabamians are falling behind and some can’t make rent or mortgage payments. Defaults and foreclosures are rising at alarming rates. While it is not right for all cases, bankruptcy may be the best option for relief and the best way to save your home, stop repossession, wage garnishment and the stress that comes with each of these. 


Every day a delinquent tenant is in your property costs you money. Alabama evictions can take months, but we have gotten court orders for possession in as fast as 20 days from filing. We adjust for each specific situation and take advantage of the most effective and efficient techniques to get your property back in your possession, so you can get back to making money.

Property Transfers

Our team of experienced lawyers can make your property transfers hassle-free. We provide comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of property transfer, ensuring legal compliance and avoiding any unnecessary complications.


Our timely execution and attention to detail set us apart from the rest.

Business Formation

Alabama law requires all entities doing business in the state to be registered and in good standing with the Secretary of State. 

So, if you are an out of state business or if you want to create an entity to protect yourself and your assets, we can help.  Contact Jennifer@Stanley-Law.Com 

Protecting your Assets & Anonymity

Privacy is more important today than ever before and if you do not want people to know that you own a business there are certain types of entity structures that are designed to keep your information private.  Let us help.  


Gregory S. Stanley Esq

Gregory S. Stanley

Senior Attorney
(205) 451-4196

Jim R. Earley, Jr.
Jennifer Scruggs

Jennifer J. Scruggs

Alexander V. Davies III, Esq.

Alexander Van Hoose Davies, III

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