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Board Communication is Key - Part Two

Updated: Apr 21

Property Owner Association Trends in 2023, Part Two: Board Communication

This is the 2nd in a series of 5 association trends in 2023     

  1. More HOAs and COAs nationally, but especially in coastal and resort areas

  2. Owners expect better communication from their boards

  3. Expenses and dues going up

  4. Automation is mandatory

  5. Disputes are on the rise

It’s Important and easy to Keep the Owners Informed:  Alabama laws require all Associations[1] to provide certain information to owners and prospective buyers. The timelines for providing this information depends on the type of association, but all associations must have detailed financial records available to all owners “within a reasonable time.” The ubiquity of the internet and free web spaces for associations such as Facebook make the term “reasonable time” essentially mean “immediately.”  And why not keep this information on line?  Save the board secretary from having to individually provide documents to every owner and potential buyer by saving the files online.

The best way to improve the community is through communication.

The best results are achieved when associations make use of multiple communication channels.  As my grandson told me, “Only a Luddite would just tape newsletters to the doors of the units.”  Monthly meetings, newsletters, regular Facebook posts on a community page, and annual Potluck/Barbeque events all increase communication. Owners that know what is going on have less stress about their community and tend to be more engaged and invested in their community.  Not only are owners demanding that communication from their boards improve, but improving communication improves relationships and effectively improves property values.  Imagine asking for the Condo Association documents when you were looking to buy a unit and the board refused to provide them.  Would you buy into that lawsuit? When I was in the military and old colonel told me that a good program with a lot of buy in is better than a great program imposed on people.  He was right and that applies to Association members.

You cannot have a functional, productive or happy community without effective communication and in 2023 that means automation and electronic media. Look for installment four of this series on Automation.

Rule of thumb:  Established policies and procedures that ensure HOA and COA Board transparency are a must in 2023.


Always use a reputable Alabama Lawyer when you are dealing with real property, whether it has an association or not.

(205) 451-4196

[1] Different laws apply to different Associations, but some documents must be available from all associations.

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